how to find heathrow car parking terminal 4

As the heathrow car parking terminal 4 is located at the southern side of the southern runway of the airport, once you reach the Heathrow airport, go for the southern side to reach the terminal.

The roads leading to the airport can be very confusing which is why a proper direction to the place where you want to go is necessary. The sign boards do a very good job in guiding to the right place but they at times can also be confusing.

Thus if you want to reach to the Heathrow car parking terminal 4 in time so that your relative or your friends doesn’t miss the flight, you need to do the following things:

· Google map:

Once you enter the location in the search, Google Map will show you the complete direction from your home to the terminal. You can follow the directions on your phone and reach the terminal without any trouble.

· Take a good guider with you:

Travelling alone at a new place is more confusing as you have no clue where the road would take you. Having a companion who knows where to go is great. He or she can guide you to the right direction.